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Love of Siam

16th Century Thailand

King Narai of Siam, King Louis XIV of France, Pope Innocent XI of Rome, a Japanese maiden and a shipwrecked Greek sailor, all become entangled once upon a time in history in a story so true and so real it leaves the reader with puzzling question, why hasn’t it ever been told?

Although each one is from a different nation and from different ranks in life, they all came together into a circle of events composing the most dramatic and romantic story ever recorded in the history of the near mythical capital of old Siam, a bewitching kingdom of the Far East. They did what they did, simply claiming they did it “for the love of Siam.”

This is the story of the old kingdom of Thailand, then called Siam in its former capital Ayutthaya before the Burmese destroyed it prompting the government to move its capital down south which was then called Bangkok by the Dutch.  

Another excellent work of renowned author Harold Stephens who spent more than half of his life in Asia.

Enjoy your virtuenture.

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