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Chapter 36

Sorasak stood in his room,  looking at his reflection in the glass. The  muscles of his face were drawn tight.  King Narai couldn’t last much  longer,  he reasoned. General  Phetracha  was prepared  to take the throne,  and  Sorasak was next in line after the general-King Sorasak. He grinned  at his reflection.

Not  far away, guards were leading  Constantine Phaulkon,  with his arms bound  behind  his back, to an open  field.  He was being marched  to his execution.

Marie, holding  her son George’s hand,  walked out  of her house in Louvo  for the  last time.  Her  husband’s  two  faithful  servants, Diego  and  Christoph, had  arranged  to smuggle her  and  her  son to the French  fortress in Bangkok.  She stopped  for a moment  in front  of the house,  tears coming  to her eyes, and pointed  out  the view to  the young  boy. “See how beautiful  it is,” she said. “Siam is our home.”

“Then  why are you crying, mother?”  the small boy asked. She couldn’t answer.

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