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Love of Siam-Epilogue

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Constantine Phaulkon was beheaded on June 22,1688.

King Narai died on July 11, 1688, less than a month after Phaulkon was executed.

General Phetracha became King of Siam after the death of King Narai.

He expelled all foreigners and for nearly 150 years foreign ships were not seen on the Chao Phraya River.

Diego and Christoph managed to smuggle Marie and her son safely to the fort in Bangkok.

General Des Farges, fearing a reprisal for sheltering an enemy of the throne, turned Marie over to the Siamese military. Marie was sold into slavery and prostitution. Thereafter for the rest of her life she labored in the royal kitchen.

Little George became a captain in the Siamese Navy, married Luisa Passana and mysteriously died at the age of 25, at the time when Sorasak became king.

In 1767, some 79 years after Phaulkon’s execution and King Narai’s death, Ayutthaya was captured and completely destroyed by the Burmese, and so were all the historical records and documents.

This story is based on European and other Southeast Asian records, from those who documented their relationships with Siam during this period.

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